Why Modern Montessori?



Modern Montessori is a trademarked teaching method invented by Drs. Anna & Brent Harris that melds traditional teaching with Montessori methods. This blend allows flexibility and eliminates the rigidity of either curriculum/teaching system. The method involves both child-centered and teacher-centered learning. This allows utilization of project and problem based learning and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) methods and materials.

In our Elementary and Middle School Programs, tests are occasionally utilized in-house for assessing growth and progress of the child to better serve them. We introduce technology including keyboarding and word processing. We also partake in life skills which includes Home Economics, Entrepreneurship, Automotive, Carpentry, & Business.  

At Liberty Eagle, we see the magic of Montessori every day.  The hands-on manipulatives facilitate concentration.  Children develop traits of independence and creativity alongside a lifelong love for learning.  Modern Montessori utilizes Montessori pedagogy but also allows for the traditional learning methods as needed.  As a result, not only do the children learn at their own pace, but also the preferred style for that particular lesson.

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