Are you still following the Carrollton City school calendar if it’s changed? No, we will follow the Liberty Eagle Academy school calendar located on our webpage at  

Are visitors allowed inside the school? No, unless prior approval from Administration. Approval may be granted for tours, breastfeeding infants, etc., and granted on a case-by-case situation.  We encourage tours to be done after hours or on weekends.  Any visitors will undergo a temperature screening and hand sanitizing before entering. 

Do you allow tours or meet and greets? Yes, please contact Administration to schedule this; we aim to schedule these at the end of the day.

How many kids are in each class? We currently observe Montessori classroom ratios. Montessori ratios can be found here.

How do I drop my child off for early stay or pick them up for late stay? Please ring the doorbell outside of Building 1 or Building 2 for Early Stay drop off or Late Stay pickup. This will alert a staff member that you are outside and they will meet you at the door. If you need further assistance please call 770.744.3870.

What happens if a child has a fever or other illness? A child with a fever can return 24 hours following last fever without antipyretic medication per our sick policy.  Our sick policy will be followed if the child has no known COVID exposure within the last 14 days.

What happens if a child has COVID-19? The child will be asked to stay home until cleared by a doctor. A doctor’s note is required in order to return to school.  Parents of children who have been in contact with the child will be emailed by the Administration.

What happens if a child in the same class has a fever within 2 weeks of exposure to COVID-19?  If the child had a COVID19 exposure (in the classroom or immediate family) WITHIN 14 Days and has a fever of 100.4, new-onset cough, or other concerning symptoms, the child will be sent home and can only return with a doctor’s note.

How long does a COVID-19 positive child or staff member have to stay out of school? A child or staff member who is positive for COVID will be asked to stay home until cleared by a doctor. A doctor’s note is required to return to school.

If my child has COVID-19 can his brother or sister still attend school? We understand keeping all of the children at home together would be more difficult to keep the siblings apart all day so as not to spread it throughout the family.  A sibling of a COVID19 positive student is allowed to attend school so long as he/she does not display symptoms.  If the sibling displays a fever, cough, or any other concerning symptom at the discretion of the Administration within 14 days of last exposure of positive COVID19 sibling/contact, the sibling will be asked to stay home until cleared by a medical doctor to return. 

If my child has COVID-19 and must stay home will I get a tuition deduction? No, tuition will not be prorated for the time of absence due to illness.

What if I withdraw my child due to COVID-19? Do I still have to pay monthly tuition? Can I re-enroll at a later date? You may withdraw your child without penalty using our Hardship Waiver (one-time use per family). However, in order to save your spot (to re-enroll later) a minimum $250/month tuition payment per child must be made until the child returns to school. If you withdraw completely you may re-enroll at any time pending spot availability but a $250 application fee will apply.

Are children bringing their own lunch or is catering an option? Catering will resume on August 3rd (start of the school year) if you have opted to participate in our Lunch Program. If you have not signed up for our Lunch Program you will be required to bring your child’s lunch daily following USDA and Liberty Eagle Academy (LEA) guidelines. LEA is a peanut and cashew-free school.

Will you shut down the school if you have a case of COVID-19? No, the affected classroom will be thoroughly disinfected and may be moved to another room until sanitizing is complete.

What are CDC guidelines and where do I go to find them? CDC guidelines for schools and childcare programs can be found here.

Health and Safety: 

Are you taking temperatures at the door? Not at this present time. If conditions warrant a change, every person who enters the building will have a temperature check before entering.

Are children required to wear masks? No, children are not required to wear masks.

Do staff members wear masks? Staff members are only required to wear masks during pickup and drop off or any other interaction with a visitor (meet and greet, tours).

What measures do you use to keep the classrooms sanitized? On top of our already stringent cleaning schedule, we have enhanced disinfecting practices throughout the day. Staff and children practice frequent hand washing as well as staff use of hand sanitizer. Works and materials are sprayed often between uses with an alcohol-based cleanser. We have also installed a UV HEPA filtration system in each building to help continuously disinfect any COVID or other viruses from the air circulating in our classrooms.

Can children or staff wear a mask all day if they want? Children 2 years and under are prohibited from wearing masks or face coverings per Bright from the Start. Older children (3 years old and older) can wear a mask.

How often do children wash their hands? Our teachers encourage and help children practice frequent hand washing throughout the day including mandatory hand washing upon entering the building.

How close do children sit in class and at the lunch table? Social distancing can be challenging in a Montessori classroom. Children will continue to observe Montessori practices including the use of work rugs for their workspace and family-style dining for lunches and snacks.

How often are your staff tested for COVID-19? Staff members are tested if they display symptoms (100.4 fever, shortness of breath, cough, etc.) with no other illness diagnosis.

What if a child has a fever or cough with no history of exposure to COVID-19? A child with a fever of 100.4 and/or cough but no known exposure to COVID-19 will be sent home until the fever subsides without antipyretic medication following our sick policy.

School Events: 

Are you doing extracurricular activities?  We may phase in extracurricular activities in upper Building 2 and/or upper Building 3. 

Will you continue to have special school events i.e Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Picnic, etc.? We hope to be able to have our annual Fall Festival as well as our Thanksgiving Picnic with all of the activities and eating outdoors.  We plan on moving our annual Liberty Ball to the Spring when it is warmer weather with possibly having an outdoor component.

Do you offer remote online learning? For our older communities, we will not offer remote online learning this school year.

Will there still be PTO meetings? If so where and how often? PTO meeting dates and times will be determined by the PTO president. Please contact Administration to volunteer and sign-up for specific activities.

Will the Elementary Shop be Open? Our Elementary students may sell cookies or other items during arrival from time to time. We will notify you when we will offer sweet treats like hot cocoa or other morning treats!

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