Faculty & Staff



Dr. Anna is one of the owners of Liberty Eagle Academy as well as the Directress.  Dr. Anna also assists in Elementary Language Arts.  She completed her Residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas, her M.D. at Mercer University, and her B.S. in Biochemistry at Kennesaw State University.  She has several publications in her research studies in her training along with a couple of books she has published.  Dr. Anna loves the independent exploration Montessori incorporates because it allows children to follow their interests.



Dr. Brent is one of the owners of Liberty Eagle Academy, as well as our Elementary Assistant Entrepreneurship Skills Teacher.  He completed his Residency in Family Medicine at the University of Texas, his M.D. at Mercer University, and both his B.S. in Biology and his B.S. in Chemistry at Martha Berry College.  Dr. Brent enjoys leading lessons in a variety of subjects, and he often directs focus onto how passions and interests can translate into business endeavors.


Ms. Jenny Herrin is our Executive Assistant.  She has a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration.  She has experience working with Southwire since 2009 in administration and management positions.  She comes from a family of educators and feels at home in our school environment.  She loves to organize and find ways to make processes more efficient and effective.



Ms. Kelli Lancaster is an Office Assistant .  She has been with Liberty Eagle Academy for the 2018-19 school year; prior to that, she was in childcare for 3 years.  She has completed her Associate’s degree in Childhood Development.  She loves to assist in all the different communities as well as in administration.


Elementary Program


Ms. Amber Lee Minor is our Lead Upper Elementary Teacher. She holds AMI [Association Montessori International] and NAMTA [North American Montessori Teachers’ Association] certifications among other teaching certifications, and American Sign Language certification. Ms. Amber Lee has North American Montessori Certification in Upper Elementary with high marks.  She has been involved in Montessori environments since 1999, and she especially loves the way children’s absorbent unbridled minds blossom in Montessori environments.



Ms. Wendy Flournoy is our Lead Lower Elementary Teacher.  She has her Bachelor’s of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Psychology, and Sociology, and has North American Montessori Certification in Lower Elementary.  She has embraced the opportunity to use her background in public education to work alongside Ms. Amber Lee.  Ms. Wendy loves the way in which Montessori empowers children to be strong leaders.



Ms. Theresa Harte is one of our Elementary and Home Economics Teachers.  She has a Masters in Education in grades K-12 and over 20 years of teaching experience.  She has taught all grade levels including Elementary, Middle School, and High School.  She looks forward to helping our Elementary & Adolescent Programs grow! 


Ms. Beth Turner (not pictured) is our Principal and Curriculum Consultant for our Elementary Program (and developing Adolescent Program).  She has a Bachelors in Elementary Childhood Education, years of experience teaching Elementary through Adolescent ages, and is currently completing her PhD in  Leadership Education.


Primary Community



Ms. Nicole Bettis is a Lead Primary Teacher.  She holds master’s degrees in both counseling and research psychology as well as a BFA in visual arts.  She has been working with children for over 10 years and aims for mindful and purpose-driven ways to approach teaching.  Ms. Nicole is currently completing the North American Montessori Center certification for Early Childhood.  She has extensive experience teaching language and visual arts to young people and is passionate about creativity as she strives to incorporate Montessori principles at home with her two young children.


Ms. Laura Williams is one of our Lead Primary teachers.  She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has experience teaching English and working with young children as an Licensed Associate Professional Counselor.  She is completing her North America Montessori Center Primary certification this year.  Laura has a passion for working with children and believes that all children need a supportive, growth-oriented environment in order to overcome challenges and become thriving individuals in their community.


Ms Caterra Whittaker is one of our Primary Assistants. She has worked in Montessori for almost 25 years. She has received her Montessori certification from Atlanta Montessori Teacher Education and assisted with the teacher training program for 3 years. She loves meeting new people and teaching small children in various settings. It is her hope that the children in her care become lifelong learners!


Ms. Amanda Harrison in one of our Primary assistants, She has been working with children for fourteen years including four years as a Georgia Pre-K teacher.  She has a CDA, TCC, and is a certified paraprofessional.  She’s currently working on her Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  She is excited to be in the Montessori community.



Ms Dani Isley (not pictured) has extensive experience and certifications in science and electronics. She has worked as a substitute teacher K-12 and is a certified paraprofessional. She is assisting in Primary currently as well as in other classes as needed.


toddler community



Ms. Nicole Bishop is a Lead Toddler Teacher.  She is certified in Infant & Toddler Montessori and especially enjoys the Toddler environment.  She has been working in the Toddler Montessori community for several years.  She enjoys watching the children learn new concepts!





Ms. Sequarya Jones is one of our Lead Toddler teachers.  She has been working with children for over 15 years.  Her experience entails traditional teaching settings, Emilia Reggio, and Montessori.  She is currently in school to further her education in Childcare to earn certification as an Early Childhood Specialist.  She is also undergoing NAMC certification in the Infant & Toddler levels.


Ms. Kayse Kilgore (not pictured) is a Toddler Assistant.  She has her TCC and is actively pursuing a dual licensure B.A. in Special Education and Early Childhood Education.  She is excited to bring her 6 years of experience, working with children aged 12 months to 12 years, into a Montessori setting.



Ms. Sarah Thomason is a Toddler Assistant.   She has a BA in Psychology and likes how her studies  mirrored the philosophy of Montessori.  She’s worked in a Montessori environment since 2012 and holds a certificate for a continuing education course, “Montessori Beginnings: Overview of the Infant-Toddler Level.” 



infant community


Ms. Stephanie Young  is a Lead Infant Teacher.  She has enjoyed teaching infants in the Montessori environment  for over three years.  She loves nurturing our infants and watching them achieve their milestones.  Her passion for little ones shows!



Ms. Star Smith is one of our Lead Infant Teachers.  She loves to sing and read to the Infants.  She is knowledgeable in American Sign Language and uses this in the Infant room!  She is currently undergoing training for certification for Infant & Toddler Montessori Levels.  



Ms. Teri Darnall  is an Infant Teacher Assistant .  She has over 20 years experience working with children ranging in ages from newborn through adolescence.  In addition, she has 11 years of experience working as a Montessori Teacher Assistant.  Ms. Teri is passionate about education and especially enjoys reading to children. 



Ms. Emily Bryson is a Teacher Assistant.  She has a B.A. in Mass Communications.  She has been in childcare for fifteen years with several of those years assisting in the Montessori classroom.  She enjoys applying her knowledge of child development in the Toddler classroom and loves playing with the children.  Ms. Emily enjoys singing and playing her ukulele for the children as well!


late stay and additional staff



Ms. Kimmie Bennett is a Late Stay Teacher.  She comes from a family of educators and has 3 years of childcare experience through Carrollton First United Methodist Church. She is in the Dual Enrollment program at CHS and pursues a college education in Nursing alongside her high school studies. She also enjoys taking classes and assistant teaching at Robinson Karate Dojo. Ms. Kimmie loves to provide care for the children in the afternoon and experience how their education shapes their independence and holistic development.



Ms. Lucy Wilson is a Late Stay Teacher with dual enrollment at the University of West Georgia and a senior at Carrollton High School.  She is looking forward to studying nursing in college.  She was a Montessori student from Toddler through Elementary age at the original Blackstock Montessori School.  She enjoys playing with the children in late stay.


Ms Bria (not pictured) is one of our late stay teachers who has been working with us since last school year.  She currently attends UWG with goals of obtaining a Communications major.  She loves working with the younger children!