Faculty & Staff


Dr. Anna Harris is a co-owner and founder of Liberty Eagle Academy. She serves as the school’s Directress. She completed her Residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas, her M.D. at Mercer University, and her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Kennesaw State University. She has several publications in her research studies along with a couple of books she has published. Dr. Anna loves the independent exploration Montessori incorporates because it allows children to follow their interests.


Dr. Brent Harris is a co-owner and founder of Liberty Eagle Academy. He helps guide elementary students to explore entrepreneurship. He completed his Residency in Family Medicine at the University of Texas and his M.D. at Mercer University. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Martha Berry College. Dr. Brent enjoys leading lessons in a variety of subjects. He helps students understand how focusing on one’s passions and interests may translate into business adventures. 



Dr. John Wilborn is our Headmaster. He leads all learning communities and oversees curriculum design and instruction. He brings nearly four decades of educational leadership and instructional experience to Liberty Eagle Academy. He has instructed courses at WGTC, eCore (online), served as an online course editor, and teaches in the UWG Graduate Music Education Department. In 2013, he earned a Doctorate of Education in Teaching and Learning (with High Distinction) from Liberty University Online. He maintains that people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.  Dr. Wilborn seeks to facilitate growth in every child,  staff member, and individual and to help each person make a positive difference in the world. Because everything rises and falls on leadership (John Maxwell), we must own the overarching vision and mission of Liberty Eagle Academy and align our efforts. Only then will our dreams come true. Soli Deo Gloria!  


Ms. Jenny Herrin is an Administrator. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration Degree from UWG.  She worked at Southwire for a decade in administrative and management positions. Jenny comes from a family of educators and feels at home in our school environment. She is adept at creating workflow processes that increase efficiency and improve overall effectiveness.



Ms. Kelli Lancaster is an Administrator. She has been with Liberty Eagle Academy since 2018; prior to that, she was in early childhood education for many years and served as an assistant Pre-K teacher. She has completed her Child Development Associate. She loves to assist in all the different communities as well as in administration.





Middle Grades & Elementary Communities

Ms. Delisa Gledhill graduated with an Associates of Arts degree from Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland GA, and received her BA degree in Early Childhood Education from West Georgia College. She has taught elementary school for over 25 years and enjoys teaching children to become lovers of learning, exploring their world as they learn, and becoming life-long learners. She is excited about joining LEA because she enjoys using project-based learning, applied learning, and incorporating what is in the world around us to teach children. Ms. Delisa believes the world is our classroom!


Ms. Tracy Milanese serves as a Lead Elementary Teacher. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut with a major in counseling. She holds a Master’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University in Criminal Justice. Her area of concentration was childhood psychological and developmental disorders. Tracy recently completed the North American Montessori Certification in Lower Elementary. She highly values seeing how children can become strong leaders through Montessori education. Ms. Tracy brings a wealth of experience and looks forward to working alongside Ms. Jessica and Ms. Delisa.

Meet Ms. Tracy here

Ms. Jessica McEntyre  is a Lead Elementary Teacher. She earned a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education from the University of West Georgia. She has previously served as a Lead Pre-K teacher and has worked as a Paraprofessional with children through 8th grade. She is currently undergoing her Montessori Certification training for Upper Elementary. 


Mr. Dane Tressler is an Elementary Assistant and attends UWG. He aspires to become a marine biologist. He has extensive understanding of science and math! He brings experience as a history tutor and enjoys helping children learn. He likes playing football with the children during recess time. Dane also helps with Primary Late Stay! 

Primary Community

Ms. Sequarya Jones is a Lead Primary Teacher. She completed NAMC Montessori Training and is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children for over 15 years in traditional environments as well as prior experience in Emilia Reggio and Montessori. Ms. Sequarya comes from a Pre-K background and is excited to return to leading in Primary!

Meet Ms. Sequarya here

Ms. Crystal Wilcox  is a Lead Primary Teacher. She is a wife and mother of three children and has more than a decade of teaching experience. She is excited to join our LEA family and looks forward to the opportunity to further her knowledge and education of Montessori curriculum, as well as share her personal gifts in hopes of making a difference in the lives of all of your children.

Ms. Tammy Worthington is a Primary Assistant.


Ms. Morgan Whitlock is a Primary Assistant.


Toddler Community

Ms. Nicole Bishop is a Lead Toddler Teacher.  She is certified in both Infant & Toddler Montessori. She has worked in the Toddler Montessori community for several years. She thrives with this community and enjoys watching the children learn new concepts!

Meet Ms. Nicole here

Ms. Laura Williams is a Lead Toddler Teacher. She has a Master of Arts in Psychology, is a licensed child therapist, and has her Montessori Certification in Early Childhood. She previously served as Lead Primary Teacher at LEA and is excited to be back with the opportunity to work with a new age group!

Meet Ms. Laura here


Ms. Destiny Nault is a Toddler Assistant. She has five years experience working in a childcare environment. She has previously served as a Lead Infant Teacher here at LEA but her heart lies in the Toddler Community!  She has personal experience with severe food allergies with her own son and is extremely detail-oriented and observant when it comes to the safety and care of each child. She loves how Montessori focuses on each child’s individual needs and promotes skills that build a foundation for life. She is currently undergoing Montessori Infant/Toddler Assistant training.  

Ms. Kayse Kilgore  is a Toddler Assistant. She earned a Technical Certificate of Credit in Early Childhood Development and is actively pursuing a dual licensure Bachelor of Arts in Special Education and Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children from 12 months old to 12 years old in a Montessori setting for nearly a decade.

Meet Ms. Kayse here


Infant Community

Transitional Infant

Ms. Stephanie Rayborn is a Lead Infant Teacher. She has worked in a Montessori environment for four years and has ten years experience working with children. She is currently undergoing her American Montessori Society training and hopes to be fully certified soon! She loves the Montessori mantra of “following the child” and how it fosters each child’s independence and individuality. 

Ms. Cyndal Littrell is an Infant Assistant.



Ms. Tiffany Brown is a Lead Infant Teacher. She has an Associate’s in General Studies with a specialization in criminal justice. She attended Abraham Baldwin College where she completed several human growth and development courses along with psychology courses focusing on Early Childhood. She previously served as a Lead Teacher for a One Year Old classroom and has experience with all age groups. She has been a substitute teacher for Carroll County Schools and also works with children through volunteering and her church. The Montessori approach appeals to Ms. Tiffany because it inspires individuality and ensures the child is growing in a nurturing learning environment.


Ms. Madison Norton is an Infant Assistant Teacher. She has taught children from newborns to up to 10 years old. She has spent years caring for children in her church childcare program as well as working with children across the globe on missionary trips. She also has experience as a substitute teacher. She is currently undergoing Montessori Infant/Toddler Assistant training!

Ms. Sarah Thomason is an Infant Assistant. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and holds a certificate in Montessori Beginnings: Overview of the Infant-Toddler Level. Ms. Sarah has worked in a Montessori environment for nearly a decade. She values that her undergraduate training uniquely aligns with the Montessori educational philosophy.

Meet Ms. Sarah here

Late Stay and Additional Staff

Ms. Abigail Alexander
Ms. Anastasia Heimbach
Ms. Aniya Sumlin
Ms. Caitlin Johnson
Ms. Maddie Jones
Ms. Kristin Kerrigan
Ms. Kirstie Decicco
Ms. Summer Taylor
Ms. Bailey Van
Elementary Intern



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