Faculty & Staff

Courtney Hyde is our Co-Directress. She has obtained her AMI [Association Montessori International] primary certification as well as her Master’s of Education in Montessori Education from Loyola University. Prior to pursuing Montessori training, she attended the University of West Georgia where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She is grateful to have experience working in a variety Montessori school environments, and she enjoys implementing aspects from each of those environments to help guide Liberty Eagle into a premier Montessori school. Courtney really embraces the holistic approach of Montessori pedagogy and is particularly fond of the way in which it accommodates a near-infinite variety of interests as well as abilities. Her thesis for her Masters focused on the myriad of benefits resulting from fostering resiliency in early childhood, and she appreciates Montessori as a viable approach to guiding the development of resiliency in children.

Amber Lee Minor is our Co-Directress at Liberty Eagle Academy. She holds AMI [Association Montessori International], NAMTA [North American Montessori Teachers’ Association] certifications, other teaching certifications, and American Sign Language certification. Amber Lee has worked in Montessori environments since 1999, and she adores everything about the Montessori method. She is especially enamored with the way children’s absorbent unbridled minds will blossom. She loves that Montessori lessons appeal to all senses and that the manipulative materials strengthen connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Miss Audrey is our Lead Primary Teacher at Liberty Eagle Academy. She has 16 years of experience in leading a Primary classroom, along with NAMC [North American Montessori Center] Montessori training. Miss Audrey particularly appreciates the way in which Montessori education facilitates the multi-faceted development of children’s holistic development. This adoration for teaching the whole child contributes to her passion for visiting other Montessori schools to increase her repertoire of Montessori knowledge. Miss Audrey has embraced the Montessori pedagogy and applied it in her own life in raising her two adult daughters, both of whom attend college nearby.

Miss Courtney is our Lead Toddler Teacher. She has obtained her Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently working towards completing her Bachelor’s degree as well as formal NAMC [North American Montessori Center] Montessori training. Miss Courtney has 9 years experience working in the Montessori community, and looks forward to many more. She has worked in Montessori environments with toddlers for about 4 years. She fully embraces the Montessori method and is passionate about guiding and observing children as they grow and learn in their unique ways. She and her husband live nearby and they have a beautiful young daughter, Peyton.

Miss Tara is our Assistant Toddler Teacher. She has several years of experience working in school environments, and her time as a Montessori toddler assistant are her favorite. Miss Tara loves the Montessori method and enjoys applying Montessori theory in the classroom; she and her husband also embrace the theory at home with their darling son, Tyson. She finds it particularly amazing to have the opportunity to witness the spontaneous learning that happens in Montessori environments, and she loves teaching the children new songs when she leads group time. Miss Tara is currently pursuing NAMC [North American Montessori Center] Montessori training.

Miss Emily is our Lead Infant Teacher. She obtained her Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education from West Georgia Technical College, and is currently working towards completing NAMC [North American Montessori Center] Montessori certification.  She also has several years of experience in a variety of childcare settings before learning about Montessori and finding her true passion.  Miss Emily is endlessly patient with the babies, and she loves to create new, age-appropriate work for them to use in the classroom.  She is particularly fond of Montessori for its focus on building independence, Miss Emily facilitates children’s strides towards self-reliance from 6 weeks old until they leave for the Eaglet [Toddler] room around 18 months.

Miss Brittany is our Assistant Infant Teacher.  She loves working with children of all ages, but enjoys her time with the infants the most.  Miss Brittany loves finding crafts the infants can help with, and she often does trial runs with her two young daughters at home.  She loves how Montessori encourages adults to promote child autonomy and to limit assistance to only the times when the child really needs it.  Independent exploration allows children to follow their interests and deepen their understanding in a beautiful, organic way.