Learning Communities

Modern Montessori education is founded on a developmental model that best matches children’s internal development.  Dr. Maria Montessori established a developmental model based on her extensive observations of children as well as her work in psychology and anthropology.

How Are the Learning Communities Determined?

Liberty Eagle offers five learning communities with multi-age groupings. Children are generally grouped in three-year-age communities starting in Primary. 

  • Infant (6 weeks-18 months)
  • Toddler (18 months-36 months)
  • Primary (3-6 years)
  • Lower Elementary (6-8.9 years)
  • Upper Elementary (9-11.9 years)
  • Middle School (12-14.9 years) 

Which Community Will My Child Be In?

Student placement is based on a child’s developmental stage and not only by his or her age. Teachers, administrators, and parents work collaboratively to determine the best community for each child.   

Will Liberty Eagle Offer High School Courses?

We plan to include a College Preparatory (9th-12th grade) environment in the near future that provides an exemplary, holistic Montessori education that prepares individuals for real-world living after high school. We recognize that some students will attend a college or university while others will attend a technical school, enter the workforce, or pursue entrepreneurship. We seek to prepare each child for the path that best fits his or her personhood.

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