We currently offer Montessori education for children ranging in age from 6 weeks through 14 years old.  This age range is divided into Infant [6 weeks – 12 months], Transitional Infant [12 months-24/26 months], Toddler [ 26 months – 3/3.5 years], and Primary [3.5 years – 6 years] environments.  Our Elementary and Middle School Programs range from 6 years to 14 years old. Placement in each program is determined based on a variety of factors beyond just age.  At Liberty Eagle, as in most Montessori environments, we strive to place children in the environment where they will be most successful.

Liberty Eagle plans to expand its program offerings to include College Preparatory [15 years – 18 years] environments in the future.  Our goal is to provide an exemplary, holistic Montessori education that fully prepares children for life after school.  For some children, this may mean our College Preparatory program is indeed preparation for college acceptance; for others, our program might prepare them for technical or trade schools, or even entrepreneurship.

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