Elementary Program

Our Elementary children are enthusiastic and driven to learn in our fascinating, multi-faceted environment with innumerable lessons. The multitude of lessons aims to capture their interests which encourages further exploration and research. In Elementary, lesson plans are individualized for each child; this individualization fosters optimal learning in the following subject areas:

  • Encourage respect and care for self, others, and environment
  • Foster self-discipline and self-confidence
  • Continuation/expansion upon American Sign Language [ASL], as well as introduction to basic Spanish, French, and/or Italian
  • Verbal language attainment through vocabulary lessons with 3-part language cards and small objects
  • Written language skill development utilizing spelling work, language study, and practice writing
  • Excitement to continue advancing reading comprehension skills
  • Continuation of the mathematical progression through the use of both hands-on manipulatives and lessons designed to aid in the successful abstraction of mathematical concepts
  • Entrepreneurship skill development, including brainstorming, research and development, marketing, and budgeting
  • Creative expression–a multitude of activities are available including: a variety of visual arts material, music activities, creative writing, and other lessons fostering creativity