Infant Program

Infants and young toddlers have a safe space to grow and learn in our Infant Class. Our Montessori work cycle ratio for our Infant Class is 1:4. During nap time and outdoor play/stroller walks, our ratio is 1:6. We use age-appropriate Montessori and traditional materials that foster curiosity and promote play-based learning. By offering a wide variety of lessons, children can select whichever lesson piques his/her interest. As your child becomes more mobile, he/she is able to select lessons independently as well as explore items more thoroughly. Many materials in the Infant environment adapt to challenge your child as he/she progresses through the multitude of milestones that occur in infancy. Our goals are to guide your child in the following areas during this precious time of development:

  • Social development through positive interactions
  • Basic American Sign Language [ASL] to enable self-expression
  • Verbal language attainment through use of expansive vocabulary
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Self-feeding and early table manners
  • Appreciation of the natural world through outdoor exploration
  • Music and rhythm activities to guide coordination
  • Introduction to colors, shapes, numbers, and patterns
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