Primary Program

Our primary children thrive in our carefully prepared environment of lessons aimed to guide their development of fine and gross motor skills, independence, creativity, practical life skills, sensory refinement, logical sequencing, as well as providing a sturdy foundation in language and mathematics. We strive to aid our Primary students in attaining the following skills:

  • Refinement of fine motor skills through the use of Practical Life and Sensorial lessons
  • Social skills development through participating in Grace & Courtesy lessons and practicing the use of expressive language
  • Encourage respect and care for self, others, and environment
  • Foster self-discipline and self-confidence
  • Continued and expanded use of American Sign Language [ASL] to help increase communication skills
  • Verbal language attainment through vocabulary lessons with 3-part language cards and small objects
  • Written language
  • Development of a strong mathematical foundation through the use of hands-on manipulatives progressing from concrete practice to abstraction of mathematical concepts
  • Self-serving, scraping one’s plate, and use of table manners at meals
  • Appreciation of the natural world through outdoor exploration
  • Music and movement activities to guide coordination skills

Placement in our Primary Program is determined by more than just age. Emotional maturity, bathroom and dressing independence, self-regulation, and developmental/behavioral milestones are all taken into consideration before permanent placement is made.

All children are required to be fully potty trained before entering our Primary Program.

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