Toddler Program

Toddlers love our small community filled with toddler-sized furniture and lessons. The prepared Toddler Class provides children with a calm, orderly space that encourages discovery. There are a variety of lessons encompassing concepts such as practical life skills, logical sequencing, creative skills, musical exploration, vocabulary attainment, matching objects, and counting objects. Our Toddler Class ratios during the Montessori Work Cycle are 1:6. During nap time and outdoor recess, our ratios are 1:8. Our goals are to guide our Toddlers in the following areas during their time in our class:

  • Social development through observing and participating in peer interactions and grace & courtesy lessons
  • Basic American Sign Language [ASL] to help reduce frustration when toddlers are unable to find the words to say
  • Verbal language attainment through vocabulary lessons with language picture cards and small objects, as well as through practicing “using our words”
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Fine motor skill development through use of the Practical Life lessons
  • Self-serving, scraping one’s plate, and using table manners at meals
  • Appreciation of the natural world through outdoor exploration
  • Music and movement activities to guide coordination skills
  • Introduction to colors, shapes, numbers, patterns, and letter sounds
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