Transitional Infant Program

Our Transitional Infant room is opening August 2021. It will serve ages approximately 12 to 24/26 months. When infants begin confidently walking in our Infant communities, they will begin their matriculation to the Transitional Community. This community will focus on further developing your child’s cognitive, motor, and social/emotional skills including:

Language development: reading, conversation, describing actions, music and singing

Self-care: dressing, hand washing, eating

Gross motor: outdoor exploration that allows for running, climbing, balancing, indoor activities such as music & movement, Pickler arch

Fine motor: sorting, scooping, pouring, grasping, feeling textures, using tools, utensils and manipulatives

Cognitive: Matching, sorting, identifying colors, recognizing sounds, determining smells, discerning shapes, identifying objects

Care of the environment: food preparation, cleaning, scraping, plant care, organizing

Social and emotional: creating a purposeful, peaceful and supportive environment, encouraging independence, showing and acknowledging feelings, developing manners, grace and courtesy

& many more learning opportunities! Transitional Infant will also prepare your child for our Toddler Program with basic practical life skills and introductory potty training for those who are ready!

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