Why Modern Montessori?



Modern Montessori is a trademarked teaching method that was invented by Dr. Anna Harris and Dr. Brent Harris. This method melds Montessori methods with some traditional instruction to create a highly unique learning environment. Our method is founded on Dr. Maria Montessori’s pedagogy while incorporating research-based effective instructional strategies. It allows flexibility and eliminates the rigidity of following a strict unalterable system.

Modern Montessori incorporates both child-centered and teacher-centered learning where older students participate in project-based and problem-based learning. Elementary and middle school students engage in STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Mathematics) activities with hands-on learning. 

Do We Test Students?

Our Montessori teachers assess learning on a moment-by-moment basis. Students receive qualitative reports from their teachers versus traditional letter grades. Once students reach the middle school level, they begin receiving letter grades as part of Practical Life learning. As students enter high school and college, letter grading becomes a standard part of their on-going assessment. 

While we are not test-driven, students in our Upper Elementary and Middle School communities take an annual standardized test. The results are used to compare our own assessments with nationally recognized learning benchmarks. Our teachers use the Georgia State standards and benchmarks as guides in designing learning.

Why Are Children in Multi-Age Groups?

Children are unique and work at different rates of speed. We recognize their uniqueness and seek to provide differentiated instruction that best fits each child, especially as they progress in older learning communities. Dr. Montessori observed children from a scientific mindset. She used the term normalization to describe the process of internalizing various skills through coordinating and organizing them into a natural flow. The learning environment helps to promote the learning capacity for each child. Through multi-age grouping, children matured at their own rates and learned from others who were more mature. Children learned to master skills by observing others. 

What makes Liberty Eagle Academy a Modern Montessori school?

Students in lower elementary through middle school regularly engage in digital learning, a modern day concept. They regularly pracctice keyboarding and coding in our new iMac computer lab. Each week these same students work on practical life (life skills) by participating in Art, Home Economics,and STEM. They learn business skills by role-playing.

Elementary students work in the school store and assume real-world, practical roles that require them to use mathematics, interpersonal relations, and making projections. Older students practice innovation by creating. They operate as vendors by baking and creating items to sell to others. 

At Liberty Eagle, children develop personal independence and creativity while learning to love learning.  Our “prepared classrooms” are designed according to Dr. Montessori’s own guidelines. Learning in a Modern Montessori provides children the best way to learn about our amazing world! The magic of Montessori learning happens here every day.

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