Modern Montessori

Modern Montessori is a trademarked teaching method invented by Drs. Anna & Brent Harris that melds traditional teaching with Montessori methods. The method involves both child-centered and teacher-centered learning. This allows utilization of Project/Problem Based Learning and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) methods/materials. Tests are utilized in-house for assessing growth and progress of the…

Get Your Tax Credit Here!

Liberty Eagle Academy is a highly accredited school with an Elementary and Middle School Program, which makes us eligible for receiving your tax donation through GASSO or Apogee. You get 100 PERCENT of your donation back! Click here to begin the process! STEP 1: Pledge the amount you want to donate BEFORE December 31st! STEP…

LEA’s Elementary Program

Our vision is to create the self reliant leader. Our growing Elementary Program includes traditional teaching methods along with Montessori methods & materials. Project based learning and STEAM methods are also incorporated. Contact us to learn how to help create the leader within your child(ren)! We are currently accredited with QUALITY by the GAC through…

Why Modern Montessori?

At Liberty Eagle, we see the magic of Montessori every day. The hands-on manipulatives facilitate concentration. Children develop traits of independence and creativity alongside a lifelong love for learning.

Current Ages Served

We currently offer Montessori education for ages 6 weeks through 13 years of age.   Plans are in the works to expand our campus to include curriculum up through College Preparatory [High School] programs.

Schedule a Visit!

Tours provide a great opportunity to see the magic of Montessori in action. Call us at 770-744-3870 or email us at to arrange a visit and get more details about our programs.