Each Summer, LEA hosts the Red, White, & Blueberry Trail 5K and Tot Trot which is held to raise money for the school’s scholarship fund.  After the race, there are acres of blueberries to pick!

Every year, there is a fun Parent’s night out (and open to public as well) held at Venue on Cedar.  The Liberty Ball includes fine cuisine, music, and silent auction to raise money for the school’s scholarship fund.

In February, we have a Family Dance Night where parents can take their child(ren) for a date to dance and have refreshments.  This is a fun opportunity to make sweet memories with your children and give them your undivided attention, goofing off and dancing at the same time!

During the Spring, there is an occasional visit from a Leprechaun for a scavenger hunt and story telling.  Egg hunts are also a fun event for the children (held during school day)  done each Spring. We also enjoy our annual Spring Run prior to Easter (The Bankhead Bunny) that starts at our Campus on 800 Cedar St and laps around Bankhead Highway using the Greenbelt off of Cedar!

LEA hosts an annual Fall Festival for its students and open to the public.  Dress up for Halloween is encouraged as well as participation in fun activities and games.  Parents accompany their children during the event (and may dress up too!)

Prior to Thanksgiving break, LEA invites the students’ parents to have a Thanksgiving Picnic which is held outside (weather permitting) or indoors (if raining or cold).  This is a time for fellowship and showing parents the classrooms.

The Winter Program is held each December and allows each class to perform before the families.  From the Infant class to Upper Elementary, there is much fun holiday spirit to be shared!

Occasionally, the school Elf visits to sing Christmas songs and read stories (during one of the school days leading up to Winter Program) or Santa comes to visit for photographs!

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